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rare-bird online: a trip-wire into uncontrollable beauty

A world extinct of rare-bird online would be a travesty because our site is about content that champions the indispensable role creativity plays in making a dynamic and compelling world.

Our mandate is to arm other rare-birds with knowledge and power by creating an environment that brings together the rare, the beautiful and the unexpected.

Our curators will promote and market through creative collaborations with designers, makers, visionaries and game changers so that our content is always in the mind's eye.

Whether it be our photographic offerings of interviews with our visionary makers or a well written article or podcast on an issue that captures the attention of a rare-bird, our site hopes to magnify the indispensable value of creativity in the cultural landscape of the now.

Rare-bird curators will tour artist studios to find and promote artists and their works not always visible. We will also acknowledge the past and its ongoing relevance to the present by featuring artist books and small run publications and magazines that capture the imagination of a rare-bird.

In the spirit of Hamlet's Polonius, "to thine own self be true", rare-bird online will open the closets of the rarest of birds, in collaboration with a few of our designers and makers, to produce a visual offering that celebrates the unconventional, the rarely seen and always the beautiful.

A selection of treasures found in each closet will be offered up for auction as part of the rare-bird archives.

Rare-bird visitors will 'exit through the gift-shop' where a curio-cabinet of delights will be thrown open to display objects that have been unearthed from the most unexpected of places. The way in which our curators select these objects is a mirror into the way a rare-bird architects a rare life.

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