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It began with boots…

motorcycle boots, cowboy boots, work boots too – dusty and well worn – kicking out from long skirts and floral dresses.

We're for playfulness, not status. A wink and a challenge to weary notions of what a girl should wear. Coz around our parts, we’re watering the garden and feeding the cooks, chopping the firewood and chasing the dog before rushing to make school drop-off. Rebellious but practical, beautiful but workable; looking fabulous not matter what, to bring magic to the mundane.

If the Saloons of old were for prospectors, trappers and cowboys, then we’re for the wise, the wild, the work-hardy. Inspired by women who were, we make for the woman who are.

SALOON…for the muses and the matriarchs, the artists and entrepreneurs, the divas and the day dreamers…

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SALOON, 139 Wallace St, Braidwood NSW 2622

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Thursday to Sunday  10am - 4pm




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